Bonenkai 22 December 2019

Welcome Party 14 November 2019

Nomikai 22 February 2019

ETIC/RSET/SPSD Symposium 2019, Kanazawa

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Symposium on Design and Technology of Sustainable Architecture, Feb. 18, 2019

Kanazawa University, Japan

Big Data Support of Urban Planning and Management

Edited by ZJ. Shen and MY. Li

In the era of big data, this book explores the new challenges of urban-rural planning and management from a practical perspective based on a multidisciplinary project. This book showcases active researchers who share their experiences and ideas on human mobility, accessibility and recognition of places, connectivity of transportation and urban structure.

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Urban Studies Highlights 2018

Looking back at the past year to inspire the future: Springer's Editorial Team share a selection of the top downloaded books & articles in 2018, together with their outlook on 2019. 

Green City Planning and Practices in Asian Cities

Sustainable Development and Smart Growth in Urban Environments

Editors: Shen, Z., Huang, L., Peng, k., Pai, J., (Eds.)


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Bonenkai 4 December 2018

Visiting Seoul for SPSD Conference 18-19 August 2017

Visitors from Tadulako University, Indonesia. 7 August 2017

SPSD Workshop 2017 on Smart and Sustainable Planning

Kanazawa University, August 09th 2017

ETIC/RSET/SPSD Symposium 2016, Kanazawa

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Spatial Planning for Disaster Prevention and Sustainable Development, December 5-7, 2016, Kanazawa University, Japan

SPSD2013, Tsinghua University, Beijing 2013.

Symposium in Zhanghua, Aug. 2014

Chinese City Planning Conference, Haikou, Sept. 2014

Prof.Shen attended a celebration ceremony, Foundation of Alumni of Kanazawa University in China on Nov. 8th,  2014.